As one of Perth's leading brick paving companies, Performance Paving stands out in providing a professional and reliable service on all jobs and projects.

No residential job is too big or too small.

We are currently providing services to many of Perth's leading building, construction and landscaping companies such as; Pindan Construction, Gavin Construction, PACT construction, Cooper & Oxley, Niche Construction, Thomas & Coffey to name a few.

We employ 15 supervisors and brick pavers that have the demonstrated capabilities and experience to meet the requirements of any paving project. Performance Paving has all the relevant cover and insurances for our highly experienced pavers.

We are equipped with all the necessary vehicles, trucks, equipment and tools, including a bobcat to ensure project delays are minimized and jobs are completed to a high standard ensuring any work related debris is removed off site.

Performance Paving has been assessed and approved by the commonwealth national code and is compliant with the Modern Award (The Building and Construction General On-site Award 2010). We are an approved commonwealth government paving provider.

We have strong relationships with a number of leading brick paver manufacturers and receive a high number of referrals due to our reputation of being a reliable and trustworthy brick paving company, such as:

  • Midland Brick
  • Brickmakers
  • Archistone
  • BGC

We offer the most competitive rates and have a high level of expertise in large paving projects.

Quality Assurance

Performance Paving is committed to providing the highest quality workmanship.

Our quality assurance system is adhered to on all paving projects:

  1. Supervisor always present to ensure new projects are started as per clients specifications
  2. Ongoing review on project workmanship
  3. Director and supervisor inspect final job and ensure any fix-ups are finalized prior to completion

We are happy to provide Performance Paving's detailed Quality Assurance systems and OH&S documentation on request.